About Us

Authentic Strategic Partners (ASP) grew out of a friendship between two U. S. military veterans who attended graduate school together and went their separate ways, only to keep crossing paths when confronted with complicated business issues in their individual careers. A consultation here, a joint research project there, a phone call—well you get the picture. Finally, Rich and Rick decided to join forces and form ASP. Their interests and skills appear to match up well and complement each other.  Both are interested in offering a particular set of world-class services to an elite list of clients.

The services (See Capabilities) branding, public relations, and data analytics are integrated.  Any credible public relations effort starts with data (extant or collected) to provide a baseline.  Note: data need not always be quantitative; qualitative data also can provide useful insights.   Deciding what kinds of public relations tools to employ to support a brand, when, how much, at what cost, is an art form based on knowledge and experience. The process should pause periodically for evaluation and adjusting, using fresh data.

Rick’s Bio


Rick fancies himself as a bit of a cowboy. Yes, he has a big hat and boots, but though he spent some time in Texas and Oklahoma, he’s not from there. His “aw shucks” demeanor belies his doctoral degree in communication, but it’s all in fun, partner. Strategic partner that is. Though he used to be a corporate PR gunslinger of sorts, today he sees his role as helping organizations discover their true identities and then craft powerful communication strategies to promote their best selves, products, and services to their audiences honestly. Along with his big hat and boots, he has a big heart that he uses to support the Arts, education, and hunger relief in his community.

Rich’s Bio

Rich’s young adult life began as an actor, a singer, and a broadcaster. While those skills proved beneficial during his Vietnam War experience as a broadcast journalist, he eventually pursued dual professional interests, at the graduate level, in psychology and communication – which in turn – spearheaded a three-decade career in both public relations and marketing research. Rich has the capability of  unearthing a  depth of insight stemming from both quantitative and qualitative research findings like few can do. These insights and research implications are most frequently accompanied by the background of America’s “70s” rock music.